Mercedes-Benz Belgium Luxembourg NV
Tollaan 68
B-1200 Brussel

Telefoon: 02 724 12 11
Customer Assistance Center: 00 800 1 777 7777
Telefax: 02 724 14 59
E-mail: customerservice.belgium@cac.mercedes-benz.com

Vertegenwoordigd door het Directiecomité (Board of Management): Mark De Haes (Chief Executive Officer), Koen Van Hout (Director Mercedes Car Group), Pierre Belpaire (Director Nearly New Car & Used Cars), Wolfgang Pipperger (Director Finance, Controlling & Administration), Marc Niefer (Director After-Sales), Peter Brock (Director Mercedes-Benz Vans & Trucks), Walter Costa (Director Retail Management), Wolfgang Bremm (Mercedes-Benz Luxembourg), Mark Lovely (Mercedes-Benz Financial Services) en Ludo Hermans (HR Director)

RPR Brussel
btw BE 419 946 355